In reshaping the structure of its cLogo UARIE realised by Silvestro Caligiuri and Antonella Guidientral administration, CNR has decided to further strengthen the synergy between its international strategies and the policies and initiatives defined at European level. The creation of a European and International Relations Office, which since January 1st  2014 replaces the Office for Activities and Relations with European Institutions, thus responds to the need to make its system more focused on bilateral activity  – so far under the responsibility of the Office for bilateral agreements and International Relations -  and more in tune with the lines dictated by the European Union’s policy, and in particular with the opportunities offered by the new Framework Program Horizon 2020. Given the increasing demand for international cooperation and participation in European Research Programs by CNR researchers throughout the country, the Office REI, thanks to its three operating units in Brussels, Naples and Genoa continues to ensure its presence and support in all Italian regions. The Brussels Office, operational since 1993, is committed in particular to liaise with the European Institutions and the Offices of the structures (Italian and foreign) having interests in Research and Innovation. It also has an active role in supporting the designing and implementation of CNR's strategies and initiatives in the fields of European Interest. The activity related to bilateral Agreements, Short- Term Mobility and international Organizations will continue to be taken care of by the "International Relations Division", which has been converted into a technical structure of particular importance, and is connected to the Office REI in a context of a CNR’s overall strategy through a mandate of powers.